About Lucy Prout

Lucy Prout is a sophomore at Georgetown University, pursuing Justice and Peace Studies with a concentration in Justice and the Media, and is currently aspiring to minor in Journalism. She is fascinated by the power of portrayal, and the way this digital age is transforming the way information is received. Growing up in Tokyo, Japan at an international school with students from over fifty different corners of the world, Lucy has cultivated an open mind, bursting with questions, and is rarely willing to accept things the way they are. The need to constantly question and explore led Lucy to find journalism as a natural fit – with it also providing a much needed outlet for investigation inspired by her studies in Justice and Peace. Since beginning to write for Georgetown University’s student-run newspaper, The Hoya, she has never looked back.

Lucy was able to combine her passions for the news and all things digital this past fall working for a digital strategy firm, learning how to most effectively story-tell in a constantly evolving digital world. She is excited to further her skills in this course, and hopes to one day be an investigative reporter in the growing digital news industry.
When Lucy is not in the classroom or running around interviewing contacts for The Hoya, she can be found on the hunt for hidden pockets in DC, attempting to train for a half-marathon, or trying to play basketball in the vicinity of the Georgetown Men’s basketball team.

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